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 Jamie and Sherrill Cox have owned this car since 2010. They just sold it to Ed Tercier in May,2013. Ed is the third owner. It is a diplomat blue metallic car. It is a prime example on how a car was in 1963. This car 3366704111, was assembled on December 12, 1962, so it is the second manufactered Canadian convertible in my data base known to exist. This car a lot of very rare options. 

Jamie and Sherrill's second Canadian convertible was purchased from the original owner in July, 1997. This car Jamie restored and is another excellent example on how a Starfire convertible should look like. This Saddle mist metallic Starfire, 336704838, was assembled on December 26, 1962, making it the third Canadian covertible Starfire known to exist in my data base. This Starfire is also loaded with many rare options and like their Diplomat blue car, has won many awards and in excellent condition. Jamie has owned 63 Starfires for over 32 years and has helped me immensely and provided me with information about these cars that have saved me time and money. Jamie is all about saving and putting more Starfire's on the road and is willing to help and interact with anyone who owns a 63 Starfire. He can be reached at [email protected]

My car, 3366704975, is the last built, known to exist Canadian convertible made in my data base. It was assembled on December 28, 1962.

This car, 3366702198, is the first car in my data base. I don't know the day it was assembled as I found this Starfire on the internet. This black car with black top and maroon interior was sold in a Barret Jackson auction in 2005 for $22,680, Lot 59. It appears to be stock, except for the aftermarket rims. I am assuming that it is still on the road and someone is enjoying it.

This is a car that was added to my database in2015. It is owned by Brad McFarlane and he has been an on going project for 4-5 years. The Starfire is getting ready for paint and a new top and Brian hopes to have the car done by the end of the year . He is going to paint the car Wedgewood Mist, as that is the color he likes the best. I hope to get more updates on this car.

Here are pictures of Brad's car, completed and on the road. It is very nice and you can read about the restoration on a forum in

Late in 2017, Mike from Sweden sent me pictures of his Canadian built Starfire, so it looks like I found another one.