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Part # Cross Ref

The 1963 Dynamic 88 and the 1963 Super 88 are cars that most parts interchange with the 1963 Starfire. The mouldings and inside door panels are different, but that is about it.

Oil Filter Cross Numbers

AC Delco # PF24, Fram # PH25, Wix # 51049 or # 51258, Motorcraft # FL2 or #FL9, Purolator # L20033 or # L3005. The Wix filter #51258 has an Anti-Drain Back Valve whereas the #51049 does not. It also has a 0.025" thicker gasket and a higher Burst Pressure of 345 PSI vs. 260 PSI compared to the #51049.

Fuel Filter Cross Numbers

AC Delco GF-149, Fram # CG3, Hastings # GF-18, Napa Gold # 3039, Wix # 3039

Spark Plugs Cross Numbers

AC 44, On my car I put in Rapidfire # 7, Part # 1925 0966 and they work very good

Ar Cleaner Cross Numbers

AC Delco A90CW, WIX #42081

Body Caulk

3M Body Caulk Part #: 3M 08578. Sometimes called "Dum Dum" I used it between the firewall and the heater core.

Engine Oil Additive for Zinc

You can add a bottle of E.O.S. (Engine Oil Supplement) Assembly Lubricant, part # 88862586, sold at the GM parts counter. Add one bottle about every 5th oil change if you're worried about the zinc missing from today's standard oils.

I have not tried all of these part numbers on my car personally, so I can't confirm them all, but used references from other people and articles I have found.