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U.S Convertibles

These are a few pictures of Mike Izzo's car. Mike has been a great help to me as I knew nothing about 63 Starfires and Mike, who I met through Jamie Cox, has given me great advice. Without the advice of Mike and Jamie, I would have been still fixing my car instead of driving it this year because their advice has saved me a lot of time.

Mike has owned Starifires for over 40 years. In 1981, he spotted a 63 hardtop sitting next to an old farmhouse and bought it for a few hundred dollars. It had a few rust issues and it needed everything. Mike was going to get rid of it when he seen an ad in the paper for a 63 convertible. $700 later he owned a 63 convertible that needed a lot of work, but it was worth a lot more when it was finished. Mike stripped every part of the hardtop, scrapped the body and finished restoring the covertible in 1984, which he has been enjoying since then. Mike and his wife Charlene, have a special place for Starfires as they met while Mike owned a Starfire. Mike has owned and sold many other 1962 and 1963 Starfires, some that he restored and some that he used as daily drivers.

This is Dalton Early's Starfire. He is like me and is still continuing to upgrade and make the car perfect.